Things in mind before picking the right wall paint colou

Choosing paint colours for the walls in your home can be stressful. If it turns out great, everyone’s happy. If not, you regret the decision and will probably have to put up with it for a while in case you’re not too keen on repainting. Above all, the walls that were meant to make you feel happy and satisfied could upset you and affect your home’s aura. To help you avoid a disaster situation like this and to get exactly what you bargained for, we have some simple yet smart tips for you to choose the right shade and achieve your home’s dream look!

1) Step away from neutrals:

While simple white, cream, baby blue and pink shades are staples in most Indian houses, they tend to stain quickly and are difficult to maintain. Moreover, for a modern or slightly aesthetic look, they require a lot of decoration and external elements to add the oomph factor. Therefore, looking at different and more trendy shades like bright yellow, turquoise, maroon or lavender could add more character to your home and serve as a statement piece by itself. If you’re looking for something simple, you could opt for single accent walls by painting only one wall with a different colour, for your rooms to look balanced and not too loud.

2) Decide the mood your home should set

Some people prefer for their home to give a sense of calm and relaxation when they return from a tiring day at work. Others like their home to inspire them and help stir the pot of creativity. Therefore, understanding the mood you want your home to set is essential. If you’re looking to wind down and relax, lighter shades like pastel green, lavender or even a brown accent wall can help. The key is to pick colours that are found easily in nature. In fact, it is essential that mood colours be used in the bedroom as well to enhance the look. For a bold and peppy mood, bright colours like brick red or double accent walls with complementary colours like yellow and blue are the way to go!

3) Remember that lighting affects colour

That beautiful greyish green colour you see in a store with bright lighting or on your laptop screen will hardly ever look the same when painted on your wall. Sunlight coming from your windows could make the shade look completely different and so can any standard LED light bulb! It is best to swatch the shade on your wall or ask for your painter’s advice on how a shade will look when exposed to different lighting. It is also best to avoid looking at studio or professional images of homes for inspiration because the actual result may differ a lot from the images.

4) The environment has a role to play

Pink represents life and positivity. The vibe that this colour sends to the people who reside in a pink space is of happiness, joy, life and a feeling of glee. This light-heartedness that pink provides is not a feeling achieved by many! Therefore, if you want one such sensation, then pink is your definite bet.
These tips will surely help you choose what suits your home and its unique requirements best. But having said this, understand that certain colours are always close to the heart and if having your favourite shade painted makes you happy, then go for it! Choosing the right wall paint shade is as much creative as it is technical. So, always remember to have fun and that home is what you make of it!