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Jenson & Nicholson COLOUR THERAPY Luxury Sheen is a superior quality water-based architectural coating, using special acrylic emulsion and finest pigments that render durability and light-fastness. The product adds an extra dimension to your walls, making them stand out.

Recommended use:
Jenson & Nicholson COLOUR THERAPY Luxury Sheen is perfect for interior surfaces like plastered surface, ceilings, asbestos and hard boards.


1. Smooth & Silky Sheen
2. Excellent Washability & Scrub Resistance
3. Special Acrylic Emulsion with Finest Pigments
4. Superb Flow & Brushability
5. Superior Resistance to Fungal Growth
6. Low Odour

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Technical Data

Drying Temperature
@25°C / 50%RH

Surface Drying Time
30 minutes**

Stability of thinned paint
Use within 24 hours

Overcoating Period
4-5 hours**

Gloss & Sheen
Smooth & Rich Sheen

White & Colors

**Recoat and Drying Period may vary under different conditions



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